Hey love…I seriously pray you are trying as hard as you can to stay sane and that you are not being too hard on yourself….YOU WILL BE FINE….❀

So the other day my mum came home awfully early (my mum is the night owl of the house so 6pm is awfully early).My kid sister and I were out and about going to nowhere in particular. …in our aimless strolls we met out neighbour…while catching up with her she started saying how school is difficult when you have children,a family and all… anyway…..moving on…

She and mum started talking and I just felt off….I just felt like giving then room….which I did…nikajipa shughuli aka let them be….but before I could leave in peace wachana na boyfriends focus on school was thrown my way as I tried to run inside literally. …Before I forget this was around 6:30 pm (you will see the importance of this later)

I got in the house and did alaaaat (I here people say that when they want to emphasis on alotπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) I watched the 7 o’clock news,fed the dogs,caught a glimpse of Tahidi High (we are hooked on that TV station like thatπŸ˜…). Took my usual patrols around the compound…..I did alaaaat. So this is like 7:40 ish and still mum was outside the gate catching up with our neighbour.

For some reason I decided to stay outside the house as I waited for ma’….on my phone and all but still outside….I waited for her for no particular reason…I just felt like it….so that when I hear any movements…I open the gate….let’s just say I was saving her the energy she would have used to ring the bell.πŸ˜•

And this is exactly how most of us are putting our lives on pause as we wait for things and people. Most of us put life on a stand still because of that boyfriend/girlfriend who is too busy to show exactly where whatever you have is heading. …We put our lives on hold while waiting for a love that is too far away or a love that is too toxic to let anything else thrive.

Most of us wait for things and people that aren’t in our lives but we are too stupid in love / afraid or just lazy to move on with our lives. Some of us are too busy trying to bag that job opportunity or career growth that is far off…that you forget you have a life to live. Am not saying following your career goals is bad or wrong. …not at all…but don’t do it so blindly that you put your whole life on hold just for it. Most people live their lives in conformity with someone or something else…don’t be those people.

Love we all want a popping, romantic,beautiful/ handsome and yummy partner… we all want kick ass careers, we all want a popping lifestyle. ..I totally get it…I want that too and much more. However don’t put your whole life on hold while pursuing this….don’t put life on hold trying to bag that boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/ wife.

Live your life,be happy or atleast try to be and don’t pause shit for anyone/anything. If it’s meant to happen it will whether you pause your life or not….It will be a total waste of time to put everything on hold for what……Nothing…

Let’s live our lives love with no pauses or apologies. I send lots of unpaused and unapologetic love your way.❀🌻

By the way mum got inside at 8:57 pmπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚